Sand3 (sand3) wrote in bjd_makers,

New in town...

Hi, I'm Sand3 (yes, the 3 is part of the name), I've just caught the bug and I've been scouring the web for information on how to make BJDs. I am so optomistic as to have searched for a book too, but naturally none was found. My particular interest now is in finding information on making the dolls from scratch, I've found stringing and resin casting so far, but not a lot on sculpting. I'm not even sure what the usual casting mediums or the original scupting is done in. Does anybody know any web sites with that kind of information? Note, though I am new to BJDs, I have been dabbling in dolls and marionettes since I was quite young, so this isn't an entirely insane dillusion of grandure here. If anyone can give me information, I would be delighted to have it. Thanks.

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