Absinthe (yuuko_81) wrote in bjd_makers,

I made my first BJD! in 4 weeks time! weee!

Yes, in 4 weeks! i managed to make it into an university assignment believe or not...It's not the most amazing BJD around but i'm quite proud (is my first one! yay!)

The clothes were made in about 3 hours... and most of the stuff came from my wardrobe! I thought i was not going to finish it in time for the deadline but i slept 5 hours a week and i did...^.^
It's made of LaDoll Premix. Body and limbs are carved in styrofoam then covered with Ladoll, etc, etc. If anyone wants details i can send them the adress of the page i used for reference.
I didn't make the boots, of course, nor the eyes or the wig. I've been told that acrylic eyes are fairly easy to make but glass eyes always looks better. So he has 14 mm glass eyes and measures 50 cm tall!

the original idea was to cut the wig to shoulder lenght but it was so nice i decided again't it

before the clothes were made (with one of my old coat and my fishnets...)

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