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Question on dollmaking: does 'reinforced' Sculpey work?

Good day to you all!

I'm in the process of designing my first ball-jointed doll: I've made a blueprint for myself, and now I'm collecting supplies. I decided to buy polymer clay (Super Sculpey) because I assumed it would be the most durable material to use. Lately I've read a lot of posts on the internet that claim Super Sculpey isn't as durable as paperclay/stoneclay and doesn't hold up as well to elastic string tension.

Then I had a brilliant idea. (At least I thought it was.) What if you could 'reinforce' Sculpey the way you'd reinforce concrete, with a layer of metal between two layers of clay? I suppose you could use armature wire, but I own a lot of wire and was thinking of making my own wireframe. That way, I could also put wire at the edges of doll parts, where they'd receive the most stress.

So here are my questions:
-Anyone know if this is a viable method for making Sculpey stronger and more durable? Or will adding a wire layer make the clay less durable?
-Are there any other ways to make Sculpey stronger for use in BJDs?
-Is paperclay really stronger than polymer?

And, in case you weren't sure what I meant about the 'reinforced' Sculpey, here's a quick schematic:
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