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Because there's something wrong with me!

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x-posted to my lj and doa. :3

Dear Diary,

Today I got thighs. Oma tells me they were a bitch to drill out, but that she's very happy with how they turned out. I worry that my hips stick out a bit, but I think it's because of my muscle tone. Hm. I am hoping that I will have a full set of legs by tomorrow evening. I will finally be able to stand on my own, this makes me very happy. I know the sooner I get legs, the sooner I get arms and hands and then Oma will sculpt my brother's head.

Here I am next to V also for size comparison. I am forming a plan to steal his pants.

I am, however, worried. Oma keeps tossing around a vial of blue stuff that looks like the colored stuff she puts in cousin Bastian's resin. She also has another curiously silver filled vial. Will one of us end up a blue elf? I am not sure this is an altogether happy arrangement for me. :S
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