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New to the BJD world :)

 Hi everyone

I am only planning to become a bjd-maker, but for real; no more thinking about it, I want to make my own BJD. Within next 30 days, if possible.
I`ve been thinking about it for a long time, exploring sites, checking YT tutorials, but I don`t feel any more clever on the topic, then I was couple of months ago XD
Could anyone here give me some tips please? ^_^`
What should I take care of first? (tools, materials- but which one? I want to cast a doll, so.... )
Anything you could share with me would be helpful :)
Oh, and I`ve noticed, that most of the BJD makers are from US, but maybe there are some people from Europe as well? Are there any shops with supplies you could recommend?

I know, a lot of questions to start with, but I`m really eager to start working on it as soon as possible @__@
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